Messy Church Messy Church Messy in Full Swing 153718178 Easter hats Making Easter hats - this takes real concentration! Well done girls. 153718175 Easter Hats Very busy on the hat making table 153718177 Easter Hats 153718176 Easter hats Jane checking this spectacular hat for size. 153718174 Easter Cookies! because you can never have enough sweets 153718172 More cookies More Easter cookie decorating 153718173 Easter Cress Head men A hive of industry making bodies for the cress men 153718170 Easter Cress Head men Good to see everyone getting their hands dirty 153718171 We made Easter hats Looking very smart!! 153718169 Easter Hats Looking lovely 153718180 Messy play 153718179 Looking wonderful in the Hat Parade, congratulations girls. 153718373 Graham tells a bible story 159092886 With a little help from our donkey! 159092887 Cookie fun - animals this time 159092888 A well loaded biscuit 159092889 Hard at work making animal masks 159092890 Mask making in full swing 159092891 Painting animals from the bible 159092892 More hands make light work 159092894 Animal masks 159092895 A snail in progress 159092896 Lovely collage... don't I recognise that dog? 159092897 Harvest bracelets 166493151 Yummy harvest bracelet 166493152 Bread making in full swing 166493153 Requires full concentration 166493154 Tractors everywhere! 166493155 The bread tastes good 166493156 Lovely work boys! 166493157 Fresh bread roll 166493158 Finishing touches to harvest boxes 166493159